American Football

My Pre-Season NFL picks. Where it all went right (or wrong)

Back in September, before the start of the NFL season. I decided to put a series of bets on (which can be found here). I predicted the winners of each division, plus threw in 4 over/under picks. Today I review how accurate these predictions were (prepare for smugness).



My Pre-Season NFL picks

For the first time, I’ve decided to put some pre-season NFL bets on. I’ve bet on each of the division winners and also thrown in a few over/under picks. I’ve listened to American podcasts, I’ve researched the schedule, I’ve made win estimates for each team, I’ve really immersed myself in the NFL world. Which is nice, but ultimately I’ll probably still lose my money. BecauseĀ gamblingĀ is for mugs (I’m a mug).


Super Bowl XLVIII Preview/Predictions

Sunday night will see the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks battle it out in the most watched annual sporting event in the world, the Super Bowl. Both teams will be looking to be crowned NFL champions and leave the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey with a brand new piece of jewellery on their fingers.