The Championship run in. Eleven to go

The race for promotion to the Premier League is starting to hot up. With 11 games to go the top 8 are separated by just 9 points. I take a look at the remaining fixtures for these 8 teams and calculate who has the toughest run in.

This is the table which shows each teams remaining 11 fixtures (click here to enlarge):

Remaining Fixtures

I dissected the league into the top 8, middle 8 and bottom 8. Fixtures against the top 8 teams are highlighted in red, the middle 8 are highlighted in yellow and the bottom 8 are highlighted in green. I then used a points system to decipher who had the toughest run in. This system used the following rules:

Away to top 8 = 6 points
Home to top 8 = 5 points
Away to middle 8 = 4 points
Home to middle 8 = 3 points
Away to bottom 8 = 2 points
Home to bottom 8 = 1 point

The higher the number at the bottom of the table, the more difficult the run in. I stress that this is hugely unscientific and simply a guide to show the difficulty of each team’s remaining fixtures. I recognise it doesn’t really prove anything of note but I think it does give a general idea on who has the upper hand in the race for promotion. UTB.


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