Bulls Announce New Sponsorship Deal

Bradford Bulls have announced a lucrative new sponsorship deal with money lending company Provident Financial Group which sees them become the clubs main sponsors.

The deal will see the Provident logo emblazoned across the team’s new shirts and also includes the naming rights to Odsal Stadium. The historic home of the Bulls which has been without a sponsor since a deal with clothing brand, Grattan, ran out at the end of the 2011 season.

The deal is one of the most lucrative in the history of the Super League and is rumoured to be worth around 1.2 million pounds over the next four years. This is a significant increase in the sponsorship levels that the Bulls have been receiving in recent years.

Commenting on the sponsorship deal, Football Manager, Stuart Duffy said:

“It’s a great sponsorship; it’s one of the biggest in Super League. To have that huge amount of money to underpin you is great. It’s a big step up from our sponsorship last year in terms of money and we also have other sponsorship deals on the shirt. That money underpins everything you’re going to do. You know you have that money coming in and that allows you to form a budget for the year ahead. If you know Provident are paying a set amount each month that can really help. The length of the deal being four years as well gives us some much needed stability after last year. We know that the money is coming in over the next four years which is tremendous for the club”.

The deal with Bradford based Provident shows how committed both the Bulls and Provident are to creating a community atmosphere around Bradford and around the club as they look to recover from the administration of last year. This was something that impressed the Bulls as explained by Stuart: “It’s a big statement from Provident, a Bradford company established for over 100 years in Bradford to come in and sponsor us. They know what this club means to the people of Bradford and have supported us brilliantly. It shows what the city means to the club and what the club means to the city.”

In a statement on the Bulls official website, Provident Financial Group Chief Executive Officer, Peter Crook, said:

“As a firm that was founded in Bradford over 130 years ago, we are proud to get behind the Bradford Bulls and support them in achieving success both for the club and the wider community in Bradford. We are particularly happy to be helping to support the Bradford Bulls Academy programme which develops young talent and has resulted in six of the current first team squad coming from that programme.”

Announcement of this deal comes just a few weeks after the Bulls revealed top sportswear brand ISC as their new kit supplier. These new sponsorship deals show the commitment of new owners Omar Khan and Gerry Sutcliffe to make Bradford a more financially stable club and bring the club back into the community.


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